Engaging Students Remotely and at Home

Dear Parents & Teachers,
We know many of you are navigating the recent school closings due to Covid-19. We want to do everything we can to support you during this time, whether you're a teacher making plans for remote instruction or a parent supporting learning in the home.
Engaging students can be particularly challenging during this time. We've seen teachers posting about difficulties engaging students through video and parents searching for ways to ensure their children don't fall behind in their learning.
We are a nonprofit organization that provides free educational resources with the primary goal of engaging students in their learning. Whether your students are preparing for the SAT or not, we can help

make learning (almost) fun.

Because our content was designed based on SAT skills, they cover a range of grade levels. If your students are in

grades 6-12

, our content can be easily be used as a warm-up to their classwork across Math, Reading, and Grammar to spark engagement.
All of our questions are available for free online or through our iPhone app, and every question is based on pop culture content that students can more easily engage with.
Get started now by trying out a few questions with your students. And check back in the coming days for new resources - we are committed to supporting you and your students through this crisis. If there's anything you want us to share about what would be most helpful in this time, email us at help@almostfun.org.