Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions

A mixed number or mixed fraction is a whole number plus a fraction, like this:

It's equivalent to:

But, apparently, someone came in social-network style and decided to drop the plus sign to make things cleaner.

Remember that hidden plus sign to help you understand mixed fractions.

Improper fractions are just fractions greater than 1. Think of it this way - it's improper to put your feet up and take up more than one seat on the subway. An improper fraction is called improper because it's also more than 1 😬.

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Calculator

Enter an improper fraction and walk through the step-by-step process of converting it to a mixed number.

  1. Ignore the Negative: First, let's deal with the negative sign.

  2. Not a Mixed Number:

  3. Split the Fraction: Now, we need to split the fraction into two fractions. We're basically looking for the biggest number divisible by that's still less than .

    In this case, the biggest number we can pick is NaN, and then NaN is left over.

  4. Simplify Whole Number: Next, we're going to simplify the first fraction. Since we chose a number divisible by , we know it can simplify to a whole number.

  5. Simplify Fraction: Finally, we'll check to see if we can simplify the second fraction.

  6. Lose the +: Now, just drop the plus sign and parentheses if there are any, and you're done!

Mixed Number to Improper Fraction Calculator

Enter a mixed number and walk through the step-by-step process of converting it to an improper fraction.

  1. Add the Plus Sign: Now, a mixed number is just a whole number added to a fraction, so let's add in the addition sign.

  2. Simplify Fraction: Now, we're going to see if we can simplify the fraction part of this.

    Since there are no whole numbers to add, we're done!

  3. Get Ready to Add: The only way we can add these is if both parts have the same denominator.

  4. Add! All that's left to do now is add.

  5. And since we have two whole numbers, we can just add them normally:

    And, we're done!