Slope Intercept Form

There are two main steps to getting the slope-intercept form of a line - and they're in the name. We need to first find the slope, and then find the y-intercept.

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Slope-Intercept Formula

The slope-intercept form of a line looks like this:y=mx+b\textcolor{#00bbff}{y = mx +b}mm stands for the slope and bb stands for the y-intercept of the line. The steps to write this equation are below.
  1. First, find two points on the line. Let's call them Point 1 with coordinates (x1,y1)\textcolor{#F18F01}{(x_1,y_1)} and Point 2 with coordinates (x2,y2)\textcolor{#A14DA0}{(x_2,y_2)}.
  2. Once we have our two points, we'll find the slope. Divide the change in yy by the change in xx:m=slope=y1βˆ’y2x1βˆ’x2m = \text{slope} = \frac{\textcolor{#F18F01}{y_1} - \textcolor{#A14DA0}{y_2}}{\textcolor{#F18F01}{x_1} - \textcolor{#A14DA0}{x_2}}
    Notice the color coding - make sure that the first xx and yy values in the subtractions are from the same point.
  3. Now, let's pretend that the value we got for mm is 22. We can plug that back into our equation, so now we havey=2x+by = 2x + b
    To get bb, we just plug in one of our points -y1=2(x1)+b\textcolor{#F18F01}{y_1} = 2(\textcolor{#F18F01}{x_1}) + b
    - and solve for bb.
If this is all overwhelming, no sweat, try it step-by-step belowπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸΏ.

Slope-Intercept Form Calculator

Point 1


Point 2


πŸ™€We need 2 different points for an equation.

  1. The slope-intercept form of an equation looks like this:


    The m\textcolor{#F18F01}{\boldsymbol{m}} stands for the slope and the b\textcolor{#A14DA0}{\boldsymbol{b}} stands for the y-intercept. We need two points on the line to write out this equation.