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Assumptions About College

In this guide we'll go through some common assumptions about college and go over whether they're right or wrong.

Alright, let's do this - here are some common assumptions and misconceptions about college:

1. I need really good grades to go to college.

Nope! There are so many factors that go into college acceptances, and no matter what grades, SAT scores, or extracurriculars you have, you're guaranteed to get into at least one community college.

Community colleges provide a great way of starting your college journey. You can get your Associate's Degree, which can provide you a leg-up in finding a job. You can also transfer to a 4-year college if you want to pursue a 4-year college degree.

2. Only geniuses get into Ivy Leagues.

Maybe...but who's to say you're not a genius 🤩. Every person is a genius in their own way - so give yourself a chance and apply. Many Ivy Leagues have some of the most supportive financial aid packages (because they have rich donors), so you're likely to pay very little if you do get accepted.

But, also, don't define yourself by getting into an Ivy League and don't put pressure on yourself to get in. Not just for Ivy League schools, but for every college, if you don't get in, it's their loss - they've failed to see how amazing you are. Remember this - no one can define your worth but yourself.

3. College loans will ruin my life.

Here are the facts ➡️

  • Loans can help you go to and pay for college.

  • Going to college increases your earnings from a job by 70% - that's going from $30,000 a year to almost $51,000 a year. For reference, the cost of living comfortably in New York is $50,000 a year.

  • Most of the loan anxiety you hear about comes from those who do not graduate from college. They don't end up seeing the increased in earnings, but they still need to pay off loans.

We're not going to sugar coat it - finding a job can be hard. But, graduating from college increases the likelihood you get a well-paying job. Data says that going to college increases the amount of money you'll make in your lifetime by 1 million dollars. Paying back loans is tough, but with a good salary, it becomes worth it.

4. College isn't needed anymore - I can just be an Instagram influencer.

A really small percentage of people find success as influencers. And what's more, what happens when a new group of influencers come up? It's a super risky career choice - which is not to say you shouldn't try it, but be sure about WHY you want to be an influencer.

If it's really your dream, that's one thing, but if you're looking for an easy way to make money - it's super difficult to become an influencer, and it's really risky. Plus, it's hard to constantly rely on the approval of others for your whole life.

And the truth is, college will expose you to and prepare you for a ton of new career options - like marketing for Nike or designing new features for Instagram or creating new ice cream flavors for Ben and Jerry's or architecting koi ponds. And that's worth it.

5. College is not for me.

That might be true - but keep an open mind! It's worth it to apply to a couple schools at the very least so you have the option. College might not be for you but make sure you keep that option open in case you change your mind.

Also, talk to others in your life! Ask your school counselor if they can connect you with someone who graduated from your school and is now in college. Get as much information as possible as you make this decision - it's an important decision, and you want it to be well-informed.

Have more questions about college? Reach out to with your question and we'll help you out!