Fire Up Student Learning

Coming soon in September! Instructional guides that accompany each of our lessons and blend inquiry-based 3 Act Tasks with the structure of the 5E model. Sign up below for updates.

Inspire learning with inquiry & discussion based lesson plans.

Our supplemental lesson plans help you kick-off 4th-8th grade math units with puzzles, discussion, and exploration. Each lesson includes a 3 Act Task, worksheets, instructional guidance, and infinite practice.

3 Act Tasks

Present video puzzles that help students conceptually visualize math concepts and engage in critical thinking.

5E Lessons & Worksheets

Use any or all parts of our 5E lesson plans, which include worksheets and instructional guidance.

Infinite Practice

Track progress with infinite practice problems that students can complete with step-by-step help or independently.

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Culturally responsive teaching

We believe in culturally-responsive instruction that builds on what students already know and understand. Check out some additional free resources we have on culturally-responsive teaching.