Understanding the SAT



is a test you need to take to apply to most colleges. Colleges use the score you get to decide whether to accept you and how much


to give you for college. This test is different from tests you need to take to graduate from high school, so often you need to prepare separately.
The highest score you can get on the SAT is a


. If you want to go to a 4 year school, you'll want to aim for

at least a 900

. And if you want more money for college, scoring above a


often will unlock more free money from your school.
The test lasts

3 hours

and includes a Reading, Writing, and Math section. There's also an optional Essay section, so check if the colleges you're applying to require it. Reading and Writing together make up 800 points and Math makes up 800 points.
Subject# of QuestionsTime GivenTime Per Question
Reading52 questions65 min.75 seconds
Writing44 questions35 min.48 seconds
Math (No Calculator)20 questions25 min.75 seconds
Math (Calculator)38 questions55 min.87 seconds


WE REPEAT, NO PENALTY FOR GUESSING. So keep an eye on time, if you haven't finished and time is almost up, just bubble in answers for all the questions you didn't finish.
This is super important so we're going to just make sure you got that....

Should you guess on the SAT?

Taking the SAT

You can see test days and register to take the test here. You can register on your own, but your school counselor is your best friend when it comes to planning when/how to take the SAT. Here are some questions you should ask them:
  • When should I take the SAT for the schools I'm applying to?
  • Can I take the SAT during the school day at our school?
  • Can I use a fee waiver to take the SAT?
  • Can you help me register for the SAT?
If your counselor doesn't know the answers to these questions or can't help you, email us at

and we'll help you figure it out.

Preparing for the SAT

The best way to prepare for the SAT depends on how comfortable and confident you are for the SAT. If you've taken the SAT before and scored above a 1100, then you should be drilling these practice tests
But if you're not super confident, or if you've taken the SAT before and scored below a 1100, or even if you're just looking for a more fun way to get some practice in, we can help you out - for free! Our practice problems are designed to help you build skills in a stress-free way.
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